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There are few analytical tools on the market that, apart from providing valuable data for analysis, would bring tangible benefits to the manufacturer, retailers, and customers. 100shopper.com presents a solution that can combine these properties, namely the Where-To-Buy widget. Thanks to its functionality, firstly, this tool allows you to improve purchase path. In this way, a user who has landed on the landing page after clicking on the ad gradually goes through subsequent stages, finally reaching the place where he chooses the store from which he will make a purchase.

At the same time, the Where-To-Buy widget allows you to measure the effectiveness of your sales campaign. This tool provides, among other things, information for stock data analysis. What are they needed for? First, this information provides knowledge about retailers' inventory – it shows which products from the manufacturer's offer are most frequently selected, in what size, color, etc. Additionally, the manufacturer can check and then modify the sales volume and promotional activities based on the acquired data.


Stock data analysis


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